The Block Making Machine BLOX-1

The Block Making Machine


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Block Making Machine

This block-making machine is designed for private builders to make concrete blocks. Using the same machine, one can make blocks that have air gaps, solid blocks and blocks for partition walls. Thus, blocks can also be made from expanded clay aggregates, Styrofoam concrete and sawdust concrete.

Watch Video

In one pressing, two blocks are obtained when making partition blocks with the machine. Watch the video demonstrating how the vibro machine BLOX-1 works and learn how easy and quick it is to make concrete blocks right on the construction site.

Once 5-10 hours have passed since the blocks were made (drying time depends on the air temperature) the concrete blocks can be loaded onto palettes for further drying. Or layer them in the stonework of a wall that’s being built for them to attain their further hardening properties.

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