Block Making Machine

The Block Making Machine BLOX-2 mini

The Block Making Machine

BLOX-2 mini

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Block Making Machine

The Block Making Machine BLOX-2 Mini has a lever. Only in this case, two blocks are made at once. The machine is built in a way that does not require human strength to press the block matrix. It is enough for the person who is making the blocks to step onto it with his weight and, after pressing a button, to simply descend together with the matrix to the height indicated by the limiter. This minimizes the requirement for human labor power.

After descending, one only has to press the lever, free the blocks from pressing form and, with the help of a wagon, move the vibro machine back. At this point, the machine is ready for making the next two blocks.

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This vibro machine is convenient when the number of blocks to be made is relatively low. The machine is designed mostly for amateurs, that is, for private builders who have decided to begin construction work with their own hands. This machine can make three types of blocks. The first one is solid blocks which can also be used as foundation blocks. Or wall stonework expanded clay aggregate blocks. Blocks with cavities that are designed for wall stonework.

And blocks designed for setting partition walls. That is, blocks which are twice as thin. The dimensions of solid and cavity-containing blocks in the basic set are 390x190x188 mm.


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