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It’s All About Computers

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What is Computer?

To put it succinctly – a computer is an electronic calculating machine. The main task of a computer is to help us, humans. These electronic machines (computers) significantly speed up the resolution of tasks that we assign them. They calculate, control and work for us, humans. Computers carry out many tasks for humans, significantly speeding up various processes and making our lives easier.

Computers are often used for business. They help to automate production processes, which significantly decreases the costs of product manufacturing. The purpose of computers is to solve the most complicated mathematical equations and help us in carrying out various complex projects. Most people can make money by using a computer. Computers are excellent assistants both in solving various technical problems and realizing different creative ideas.

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Computers Software

Computers Software means computer instructions and data. Anything that can be stored electronically is software, in contrast to storage devices also display devices which are called hardware.

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Computers can store large amounts of various data and give us the opportunity to work with it. This data can be edited, printed out and sent in a digital format. Information can also be saved and transferred by using various data storage devices.

At first, computers used to be very large and took up the space of entire buildings or vast premises. They performed calculations. Those were just mathematical calculations. Step by step, science was moving forwards. The progress of computers was enormous, eventually leading up to machines with thousands of times the capabilities of their predecessors that can fit in our palm. People are now so used to computers that they can’t even imagine their lives without them anymore. But just remember what a technical miracle the computer was just 10 years ago. Computer manufacturers are constantly improving. New models, each time surpassing the previous ones by their ever increasing capacities are constantly hitting the market. Meanwhile, older models lose their value and prices plummet. New technologies are constantly being developed or are already finished, just waiting for the moment they will be implemented. Scientists’ technological novelties are constantly entering our lives. We are always craving for something new, something better. We buy better and newer computers, knowing that these current innovations, which seem to us like scientific miracles, will become obsolete in a year.

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Some can’t even imagine their life without a computer, while for others it’s not as necessary. Everyone use computers at a different level. It also really depends on the specifics of a computer user’s work.

Today, there are three main types of computers. The first one is the personal computer, which consists of a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. The second type is the laptop. Compared to the first type of computers, this one is significantly more compact. At first sight, it reminds one of a large book, even though it has all of the main components a personal computer has. That is, it has a display monitor, a keyboard and a slot for plugging a mouse in, even though a laptop can be used without it. And the third type is the handheld or tablet computer. Tablet computers come in different sizes. They can be very compact.


They are usually controlled by touching the screen. However, there are now tablets that can have keyboards plugged into them. These computers are very handy when traveling or even while on the street. Most of these computers can also be used as phones and photo cameras.

Computers consist of many components, each of which performs an assigned function. The operating speed of a computer depends on the main processor. All of your documents – files, catalogues, pictures, music, movies and software are stored in the hard drive, which is installed into the computer. Another component of utmost importance is the RAM (random-access memory), which determines the computer’s operating speed – that is, the time it takes the computer to perform its various functions, e.g., opening files and carrying out assigned tasks. Just like the mouse, the computer keyboard is necessary for operating the computer and entering data. For a computer to function, it also needs a management program which is called the operating system. “Windows” is the most prevalent operating system today, but there also others, like, for example, “Linux”, “MS-DOS”, “ReactOS”, “Ubuntu” and “Mac OS”.

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The Internet is a kind of global network, which makes it possible to transfer data from your own computer to any place in the world where another computer is present. Information can also be transferred via other previously mentioned data storage devices. These are: CDs, DVDs, USBs, flash drives, memory cards and external hard drives, which can be used for transferring and storing large amounts of data.

There are many different computer sets. Each of those has its own advantages and power capacity. Before buying a computer, you should know what purpose will it be used for. The price of a computer depends on its qualities, therefore overpaying for operational speed, memory size and other parameters if they will not be fully used is not worth it. When choosing a computer, you should pick exactly that, which is necessary for you and will meet your needs. You should keep in mind that a computer is not a luxury item – it is your assistant.

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