How to watch video


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How to watch video.

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KMPlayer is all in one media player, covering various many formats, Compressed Audio Album (zip, rar) and so on. It also supports WIDI, 3D, 4K formats and handles a wide range of subtitles and allows you to capture audio, video, also screenshots in many ways.

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KMPlayer has evolved over the past few years, from a video player into a leading source for content discovery. The app’s record-breaking audience and the use of its flagship media is most visible on the gaming front, with a successful casting of Season three of the League of Legends World Championship.

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Alongside other forays to e-sports like GOM and Starcraft 2: Hearts of the Swarm, KMPlayer has established strong audience that is created a whole new layer of interaction beyond its former identity as a standalone video player.

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Unobtrusive layout: The main tools for video playback stay out of the way. Dark colors a pop-out settings menu give users clean, continuous access to features like subtitle management, brightness or contrast adjustments, also frame captures. Full video codec support: Video players like VLC and GOM, KMPlayer is a universal media player that can tackle just about any format you throw at it.


Display-heavy: KMPlayer is not a standalone video player by any means, and it promote content discovery via partnerships with some 3rd-party apps. The result is a preview-heavy player that throws ads and links at you at every chance its gets, making the experience like watching a windowed video service that irks with every disruption.

Bundled apps:, a bundled TV widget, brings more harm than good, despite its diverse library of content., primary, has no visible method of removal or closure, outside of adding, removing via the control panel.

KMPlayer remains a solid video player, but it is now a specialized player aiming for a particular viewers. Some viewers will see its offerings as premium content; others will find the bundling a distraction or a nuisance. While the video player may have universal support and something for everyone, we cannot recommend it for anyone seeking just a basic video player

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