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Everything about Housekeeping

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Learn how to clean your home. Get tips for a housewife, how to wash clothes. How to make laundry at home. Get advice for housekeepers and many other things. Also read the new stuff below.


Traditionally, regular housekeeping tasks are carried out on Saturdays, while the so-called general cleaning is performed twice a year: once in springtime and once in the autumn. But before upholding this tradition think about whether it makes sense to designate a day off just for dusting and whether the general cleaning is at all necessary in a modern home. Maybe it is better to carry out the small housekeeping tasks in the evening of a regular workday or, if possible, in the morning when other family members are out and about?

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General cleaning usually involves washing windows and laundering drapes, tidying up wardrobes and kitchen cupboards, chemically cleaning soft floor surfaces. But if the premises are cleaned regularly and the apartment is not cluttered with things, general cleaning does not take a long time. For example, glass packet windows, nowadays installed in most houses can be cleaned very easily, therefore this task doesn’t call for much effort. More time will be spent cleaning bookshelves, especially if they are of the open kind. Take your rugs, couch covers and night drapes to a dry cleaner’s. If undertaking general cleaning in-between seasons, hold a “change of exposition” in your wardrobes and shoe closets – in springtime, put your winter clothes, hats, scarves and shined winter footwear in the

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back shelves, and in the autumn – your summer dresses, shorts, sandals and handbags. Also, take stock of your wardrobes – get rid of worn out clothes and shoes, and other useless garbage and broken toys. Those things suck energy out of people, so either fix them or throw them away.

The New Stuff