How to hammer the nail

How To Hammer The Nail

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How To Hammer The Nail

How To Hammer The Nail

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While spiking different wooden objects, the nail serves the purpose only in that case, if its length is correct. For example, hammering wooden objects at an angle, the nail should be three times longer than their total thickness.

Hammering wooden pieces or wooden objects of different hardness, you need to hammer placing soft wood on the hard one. While hammering you have to try not to get to a branchy spot or too close to it, because wood fibers around it are twisty and hammered nail might bend.

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It is hard to hammer the nail into propped up planks because of the hammer strikes the planks spring and the nail pops out and poorly swoop into the tree. Therefore, to hammer the nail into the plank, you need to prop it and hammer placing it on a solid foundation.

Hammering a long nail into the wood, it is advisable firstly to drill a hole haft of the nail length, slightly smaller than the diameter of the nail, or the same diameter as the nail. In the hard wood there should be drilled a hole even two-thirds length of the nail.

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To hammer a small nail is quite inconvenient as it is uncomfortable to hold them. To protect your fingers, stick the nails into a narrow strip of paper, and then you can without difficulty to hammer them. While hammering, look at the nail, not at the hammer.

Sometimes a simple screw driving takes so much time. Especially if there are many screws to be driven. In order to drive the screws quickly and without any hassle, you need an electric drill and a screwdriver tip. Insert the tip of a screwdriver into the screw and drill a little. This is done very fast and takes a lot less time than screwing the screw with a screwdriver. Such a screwing is more reliable.


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