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It’s All About Appetizers, Soups & Salads

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Salad. A Little Bit of History

With regards to the historical origins of salad, most people mistakenly believe that it was created by the French.


In fact, salad first appeared in ancient Rome, where it was already being eaten 2500 years ago. During those arcane times salad consisted of Italian chicory, parsley and chives, and was seasoned with pepper, vinegar and honey. Later, various vegetables were added. However, up until the 18th century adding root vegetables to salads was considered unusual. It was at that time that salad ceased to be a mere mixture of vegetables and became what we know it as today. More and more salad recipes are still being created. Some salad recipes became especially popular all around the world.

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Small portions of spicy, salty or other dishes which usually come before lunch or dinner are called appetizers. Appetizers are served before the main course. Dishes that are served alongside alcoholic beverages are also considered to be appetizers. In order to increase satiety, appetizers can also be eaten between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner. The main purposes of such dishes are to stimulate the appetite, temporarily suppress hunger, lighten the taste of spirits or other alcoholic beverages and to extend the period of sobriety. Nicely served appetizers decorate the table, stimulate the appetite and provide a variety of tastes. Appetizers can be either cold or hot, but are usually cold.

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Common Understanding of Soup and Its Types

Soup is a liquid dish based on broth. The latter can be made from beef, pork, fish, vegetables or mushrooms. Less commonly it is made from wild birds, roots or herbs. Taking into account the type of soup, broth is supplemented with other ingredients. These can be: vegetables, grains, noodles, various herbs. Soup can be creamed or liquid. Cream soup is usually cooked first and then all of the ingredients are creamed with a blender. Soup can be seasoned with various infusions, cream or sour cream. If it doesn’t require cooking, soup can also be served cold.
After the broth is cooked, it has to be made into a soup. It can be cream soup, regular soup, cold soup, spicy soup. Various food products are added into a regular soup: sausage, cheese, olives, mushrooms, etc.


Cold soup is usually made in the summer. Depending on its type, cold soup can be made with or without broth. Most national cuisines have their own tried and tested cold soup recipes. Soup can also be spicy and contain spicy food products.

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