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Everything About Food

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Eating breakfast or lunch together fosters relationship development both in families and among friends, therefore it is important to eat at a nicely set table both everyday and during holidays.


Home-made food has a special taste and smell, but most importantly it is far healthier compared to pre-cooked and microwave-ready foods. Nowadays, when people experience the effects of toxic compounds (pesticides, household chemicals, car exhaust, medications, heavy metals and radiation) every day, a healthy, balanced and vitamin-rich diet is all the more important.

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Before ending up on the shelves of major supermarkets, most packaged and plastic-wrapped products are rather heavily processed; their nutritional value is either very low or non-existent. Current legislation allows the use of more than 3000 (!) different food additives in food manufacturing, but the mere fact that all of these additives and chemical compounds are “legal” does not mean that they cause no harm to our health. In order to make a truly healthful lunch, you will need chemically untreated, natural products: meat derived from domestic livestock; organic eggs; dairy products bought straight from the farm; vegetables, culinary herbs, spices and fruit grown in your own garden. Unfortunately, these days not every one of us has the opportunity to make our everyday lunch or breakfast using biologically clean, organic products, however, we can all become cooks – we can all cook food and take care of our families’ and our own health thereby.

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