Business idea: How to produce paving blocks 4

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Business idea

How to produce paving blocks

Concrete products, with very low water absorption are very resistant to cold, because the water, being unable to penetrate into the concrete products, is unable to freeze inside them and turned into ice rip products from the inside. Making the section of our concrete products, you can see the structure of the products, which is very dense. Fine-grained structure allows paving blocks to be produced accurately repeating every, even the tiniest fragment of the form, which can be up to 0.1 mm in size. This means, that their surface is perfectly precise. 


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Paving blocks produced by vibrational moulding method has a very wide range of shapes, as their manufacturing process compared with vibrational pressing method is completely different.

Concrete products, produced by vibrational moulding technology, are molded into the plastic moulds, which has a much wider variety because of the simplicity of these forms production. Meanwhile, concrete blocks produced by vibrational pressing method and other concrete products are produced in vibratory presses, when the concrete is poured into special moulds, which are made of metal. Read more…

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